Inspiring imagination and community is what we love to do!
Located in Roanoke's historic Grandin Village.

Our Story

One of the most asked questions since we've opened has been, "Are you the same Imagination Station that was here a while ago?"  The answer to that question is, "Basically, yes."  The current owners, Paula and Keith Bolte, were not the original owners when it all started on Grandin Road, where the AllSports Cafe is located.  However they did purchase it from the original owner after it had moved to the Towers shopping center.  After being there for a bit they moved to the Townside Festival Shopping Center and then back across the street from Towers.  It was after being there that they closed their doors but kept their Blacksburg store, Imaginations Toy and Furniture Co, open.  That store has continued to be in operation and has grown in leaps and bounds.  Recently, when they were toying with the idea of reopening in Roanoke again, they found the spot on Grandin Road and leapt at the opportunity.  

We are very similar to the original Imagination Station as far as we've been told by those who have stopped in to introduce themselves and to check out the new store.  We are delighted to receive that feedback that since we have heard that Imagination Station has meant so much to so many people.  To be able to serve you all again by providing lovingly hand-selected educational toys and gifts is a joy and a mission for us!  

If you want to learn a little about the owners of Imagination Station and its parent store, Imaginations Toy and Furniture Co. in Blacksburg, check out this interview with Paula Bolte in the Roanoke Times from January 16, 2013. Paula's husband, Keith Bolte, co-owns the stores with her.