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Toylady Favorites: Modarri Cars

Modarri cars.  When I first discovered these cars I instantly decided these are lightyears ahead of other toy cars on the market.  Geared towards "kids" ages 8-108, they are built with suspension systems for both sets of tires and designed to be steered by your finger in the car seat, you can literally feel the car hugging the road.  Just watch this video and you'll get a feel for what I'm talking about...

And the coolness doesn't end with how it drives.  Each car comes with a special little screwdriver which enables you to take apart the car into individual pieces and then reassemble it in different ways to create a completely new looks!  No worries about lost screws, though...these screws don't come out fully so you won't spend hours searching for missing ones.

You can purchase individual cars, 3 packs, which give you tons of possible combinations, or you can buy sets of wheels and separate bodies to expand your options.

Stop by to experience Modarri for yourself.  These are great holiday gifts so be sure to get in on the race so that you aren't left out in the dust this season.

Furniture? On your holiday wishlist?

Perhaps it seems like a strange wishlist item but after seeing this video, maybe it makes a little more sense. I can see many great reasons for having furniture on yours this holiday season, especially when it's from Maxtrix, the brand we carry here at Imagination Station.  They make beds of all sorts, desks, toychests, play tables and chairs, dressers, bookcases that all work together.  It's all very well-made, has the highest of safety standards, and can be configured any way that will best suit your family, space, and needs, not only for this current time of your life, but even after your children have grown or you've moved into a completely different space.  The options are endless.  You can go simple or you can jazz everything up with slides, tents, special drawer pulls - you name it!

I speak from experience because my husband and I, a few years ago, made the regretful decision to pass on buying a Maxtrix bed for our daughter, simply because we didn't know any better.  We ended up buying a monstrosity of a loft bed from a local furniture company that cost the same amount of money, if not more.  Believe me, we had many nail-biting moments when we watched the delivery crew attempting to get the bed put together and were frustrated by the fact that we had screws falling out within 24 hours of getting it.  A couple of years later, as she got taller, we quickly realized that she had outgrown the bed but there was nothing we could do to alter it to make it work.  We ended up having to try and re-sell it which was no easy feat.  We came very close to taking a power saw to it and turning into firewood.

So lesson learned!  And that's why I am so passionate about getting the word out about Maxtrix's line of children's furniture.  I encourage you to come into the store soon to get a firsthand look and feel for what they do and to let me tell you all about it.

And until the end of 2015 we are running a special!  We will provide delivery and setup FREE OF CHARGE as long as you are in the Roanoke area.  Be sure to get your order in soon to get the furniture in your home in time for the holidays!