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Saying thank you to our customers - The Toy Lover's Club

We love saying "thank you!"

At Imagination Station we have a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers called the Toy Lover's Club card.  We keep your card here at the store and every time you make a purchase of regularly priced items (excluding furniture) we'll write down the pre-tax amount in a box.  When you have made a total of 6 purchases, we add up all of the amounts and give you 10% of the total in store credit for you to spend the next time you shop with us.

What's even cooler about the club is that when you have earned a credit with us you have the option to spend any portion of the credit or all of the credit to purchase toys, books, puzzles, games, and art supplies for the wonderful folks at Children's Trust - an incredibly important organization that deals with child abuse prevention, intervention, and advocacy.  Items purchased for the organization will be put in their waiting room so that children being helped and their siblings can be put more at ease during what is more often than not a very challenging time.

So the next time you're in the store, if you don't already have one, ask to sign up for a card.  Kids can have their own cards if they wish, family members can share a card - it's up to you!  As long as you have fun shopping here we are happy!