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Toylady favorites: Sleeping Queens

I love games!  I'm not sure how my family feels about that since it means I regularly rope them into trying out new ones in the name of research for my job.  But the most recent one that's made it into our life, Sleeping Queens, immediately won the approval of our 10-year old without any cajoling and trust me, that is saying something!

Sleeping Queens is made by Gamewright, one of my all time favorite game manufacturers.  All of their games have great packaging, many of them in cool tins, and their artwork is always colorful, clever, and whimsical.  This game is no exception!  And one of the coolest things is that the game's concept was dreamed up by a six-year old one night.  How cool is that?

This is a unique card game with a refreshingly different concept behind it than Old Maid or Go Fish.  The purpose of the game is to wake up as many sleeping queens as possible using the goofiest looking kings you've ever seen before, getting to 30 points before anyone else does.  (Each queen is worth a certain number of points.)  Sounds simple but of course there are some cards that can get in your way.  There are dragon cards that can steal a queen from another player.  These can only be stopped by knights.  And there are magic sleeping potion cards that can put another person's queen back to sleep again.  These can only be stopped by magic wand cards.

My daughter and I just love all the funny kings and queens and the illustrations can't help but make you smile!  I also like that the game touches on lots of different skills, especially simple addition skills and memory.  It's a relatively easy game that can be learned quickly and played in a short amount of time.  It's designed for kids age 8 and up but as an adult I found it really fun too.

Right now we are carrying their newly released "Deluxe" edition that comes in a snazzy tin and also includes 2 sheets of stickers of the various characters.
And to make life just a little more fun, I have 3 Strawberry Queen keychains to give away to the first 3 people that buy it!  Woohoo!!

So come on in and let me show you and your friends and family how to play!

Saying thank you to our customers - The Toy Lover's Club

We love saying "thank you!"

At Imagination Station we have a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers called the Toy Lover's Club card.  We keep your card here at the store and every time you make a purchase of regularly priced items (excluding furniture) we'll write down the pre-tax amount in a box.  When you have made a total of 6 purchases, we add up all of the amounts and give you 10% of the total in store credit for you to spend the next time you shop with us.

What's even cooler about the club is that when you have earned a credit with us you have the option to spend any portion of the credit or all of the credit to purchase toys, books, puzzles, games, and art supplies for the wonderful folks at Children's Trust - an incredibly important organization that deals with child abuse prevention, intervention, and advocacy.  Items purchased for the organization will be put in their waiting room so that children being helped and their siblings can be put more at ease during what is more often than not a very challenging time.

So the next time you're in the store, if you don't already have one, ask to sign up for a card.  Kids can have their own cards if they wish, family members can share a card - it's up to you!  As long as you have fun shopping here we are happy!

Toylady favorites: Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty!

There is a craze going on right now, and understandably so, for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.  There are lots of types to choose from.  There are some that glow in the dark (and we're talking major glow in the dark), some that change color in your hands based on your temperature, super magnetic ones, special illusion ones that look like lava, scarab beetle shells, or oil slicks, and phantoms that you can use a blacklight flashlight that comes with the putty to write special messages or draw pictures in the putty.

This stuff is kind of like that classic silly putty gone wild!  Here is what we love about it:

  • Never dries out, even when it is not in it's tin or it's left uncovered
  • Small tins are great for traveling, for keeping your concentration at work or school, and as little gifts or party favors
  • Made in the USA 
  • You can test your ability to roll a perfect sphere and bouncing it just like you would a rubber ball
  • The website for Thinking Putty is chock full of videos and ideas for what to do with your thinking putty in addition to providing a little dose of science
  • It's just plain, simple fun - the best type!  
One question we do get a lot is about what age is too young for this product.  Each parent knows their child best so generally I tell parents that if their child is at the age where he or she can be good about putting the putty back in its home when they are done playing with it, then they're old enough.  If the putty is left on clothing, carpet, eyebrows, or hair you might have a mess on your hands.  

So come check it out.  We have a big bowl of their Platinum putty.  I have a feeling you'll get hooked pretty quickly regardless of your age.

And in case you're curious who this Crazy Aaron is and whether or not he's a real person, here you go!  (He's the one in the middle in between your crazy toy ladies!)

From left to right: Paula Bolte (owner of Imaginations Toy & Furniture Co. &
Imagination Station), Crazy Aaron, and Erica (Roanoke's toy lady!)

We are ready for business!

As of Tuesday, October 6th at 10am we are open for business, which for us translates into play!  Our grand opening will be on Saturday, October 24th, the same day as Grandin Village's big Chillagefest so stay tuned to upcoming news about that on Facebook or here on our website. 

Can't wait to share our store with you!